Brian Mulligan: Businessman, Humanitarian, Success!

Brian Mulligan is a very gifted man. Not only has he gotten his feet wet in many different business ventures, but he has also come out successful at so many of them. He is highly sought after in industries including Film, Television, Cable, International Entertainment, Recorded Music, Music Publishing, Video Games, Media, Theme Parks, Broadcast, and DBS. He has also made quite a name for himself in assisting companies in getting their business’ on a successful path for the future.

Currently serving as CEO of Brooknol Advisors, Brian Mulligan has become a sought after business asset. After receiving a fantastic education from UCLA and University of Southern California, he went on to become CPA certified. Mr. Mulligan has proven himself to be a trustworthy and well-versed businessman who will almost certainly help any business he touches become highly successful. Over a 30 year career, he has held many different jobs with many of the top names in the entertainment industry. Mr. Mulligan has held CEO positions as well as Chairman, COO, and CFO for plenty of big name companies. He has personally had a hand in over $175 billion dollars worth of transaction taking place in the media and entertainment industry.

In addition to all of the stunning business accomplishments, there are also just as many charities that he is involved with; St Jude, City of Hope, United Way, and YMCA just to name a few. He also helped raise $90 million dollars for a charity called “A Better LA” founded by NFL coach Pete Carroll which helps to create safer environments for children and families as well as provide support and resources to help them work toward a better future for themselves. It is clear that Brian Mulligan is a very busy man in every aspect of his life.

With all that Mr. Mulligan has accomplished in his life, it only makes sense that he should receive an overwhelming number of awards and plenty of recognition for his fantastic work. He has been named “One of the 50 most powerful people in Hollywood” by Premiere magazine, “One of the Ten Most Prominent Bankers in Hollywood” by Los Angeles Business Journal, and “One of the Leading Investment Bankers on Emerging Business Models” by TMT Quarterly/Law 360. It seems that no matter what business Mr. Mulligan takes a swing at, he will continue to knock it out of the park. It is surely exciting to think about all of the prospects that Mr. Mulligan has in store for the future.

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