Brian Mulligan: A Man Who Wears Many Hats

When you look for leaders, you look for people who are able to step into a number of different roles without missing a beat. You could say that this applies to Brian C. Mulligan, since he has had a career that spanned many years, leaving his mark on the fields of finance, entertainment and media. Prior to entering these fields, Mulligan received degrees from both the University of Southern California and the University of California. He is also a glowing representation of growth and entrepreneurship, as time has shown that Brian Mulligan consistently has an ability to reinvent himself and evolve when branching out into new ventures. At 55 years of age, Brian Mulligan’s position was Deutsche Bank’s Managing Director.

Throughout the years, he has served as a board member, chairman and executive for a number of different roles in a number of different companies. His career in entertainment executive positions began early, as one of the founding members of PwC in 1983. He stayed at the company in both senior managing an advisory roles for five years. In 1989, Mulligan served as the senior vice president of finance for MCA, whilst simultaneously serving as a board member in their political action committee. He stayed in these roles for approximately 6 years before moving on.

He worked on the board for the sci-fi channel from 1991 to 1996. During that time, he was also on the Board of Directors for Cineplex Entertainment. He has served in CEO roles for Universal television, in addition to serving as a board member for Universal Orlando, Universal Cinema International, Universal Studio Japan, USA Networks, Roxio, Liberty LiveWire, Napster and others. Throughout these stints, Mulligan also served as an investor in certain companies, using his financial expertise to take them to new heights. While serving on boards and in managerial or advisory roles, the companies began to grow and expand, in some cases leading to them being acquired by other larger companies for billions of dollars.

Brian Mulligan’s track record speaks for itself, because a person does not reach this level of accolades without understanding their industry and thriving within it. He has elevated both his position and the standing of the company he works with time in and time out, which is a testament to his knowledge and understanding of the media and financial fields.

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