Brian Bonar and His Profile of Achievements

Brian Bonar is a president, secretary, treasurer, Chief Executive officer, Chief Financial officer as well as the director in the organization, TRUCEPT, INC. He has been able to make a lot of profit on income brought in by the organization through his strategies. He studied in Strathclyde University for a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering before later going to Stafford University in the United Kingdom to study for a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree and a PhD in International Business Development Studies. He also boasts of an honorary title, Lord Bonar, received from Wales, in the United Kingdom.

Achievements and Professional Background
Since completing his academics, Mr. Bonar has been able to serve in different areas of specialty in various firms such as in QMS incorporation, where he served as an executive director of engineering from 1984 to 1988. He also served in Adaptec Incorporation, as the worldwide sales manager, between 1988 to 1990. Within the same years, he was also able to serve as the vice-president in the department of sales and marketing at Rastek Corporation. He later on moved to Bezier systems incorporation, where he was able to serve as the vice-president in the department of sales and marketing between 1990 and 1992. He also worked with Dalrada Financial Corporation between August 1992 to April 1994, where he served as the director of technology sales in the organization. He was later promoted in the organization to serve as the executive vice president of the corporation since September 1994 till July 1997. He later became the chief operating officer of the organization from July 1997 till June 2004.

Mr. Bonar has worked longest in IBM in the United Kingdom, where he has served for about 17 years. He has worked in TRUECEPT incorporation since May of 2009.

Business and Work accomplishments
Mr. Brian Bonar (Twitter) as the Chairman, C.E.O as well as Chief Financial Officer has been able to achieve a lot for the organizations as well as business incorporations that he has worked for, such as IBM, where he was able to obtain substantial success for the organization. While working for the Imaging Technologies Corporation, (ITEC) he was able to come up with strategies that enabled the organization to grow within its sales in the customer and services base. While working in TRUECEPT Incorporated, he has been able to make a total of 860,571 dollars in total compensation, where $360,000 was the salary and 500,571 dollars was from other types of compensation.

Brian Bonar has been able to achieve his successes by using a creative and personal approach to any kind of job that he does, hence enabling him to combine technical power with creative power altogether. Take a look at his MG2 profile here.

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