Advertising Regulation in Brazil

Noticias shows that Brazil as a country has a robust advertising industry. The industry has attracted the best players in the market and hence there is cut-throat competition that exists. The competition is even stiffer regarding premium accounts offering good returns to the advertisers. The major market segment is dominated by major companies that have been in business for a long time. Therefore, there is a need for small and middle companies to be supported to be competitive.

A research conducted by Publicis indicated that the growth of internet advertising has increased three-fold. At the same time, the report predicted that between the year 2010 and 2013, the advertising industry was expected to realize about 31 percent increase in revenue and market share. Internet betting is also one of the areas that are supposed to realize real potentials and more players were encouraged to embrace it.
Advertising Regulations

The advertising industry in Brazil has many restrictions and regulations that govern the interaction of industry players and clients. Some bodies have been set up to take charge of the whole process. All the arms of government in Brazil (executive, judiciary and legislature) have an active role in ensuring that activities are regulated and controlled. The roles played by the different arms are complementary and are aimed at having a uniform industry.

Apart from government regulations, CONAR has come up with a self-regulating mechanism that is adhered to by advertisers. All advertising companies is obliged to follow the laws if they have to regulate within the provided spheres and without attracting any sanctions. In spite of the fact that the government has a hand in regulating advertising, a self-regulating mechanism is the most applied in Brazil. In general, the advertising industry is controlled by, Specific Laws, CONAR (Conselho Nacional de Autorregulamentação Publicitária), and The Consumer Defense Code (Código de Defesa do Consumidor, known as CDC).

Cláudio Loureiro
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Heads Propaganda
It is one of the largest advertising companies in Brazil and is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. Heads Propaganda needs to build a brand inspired by life. The company works with passion; act based on knowledge and creates products with originality. They want to be a notch higher compared to their competitors.

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