Vision of Service and Vijay Eswaran

The name Vijay Eswaran is synomomous with the phrase “service above self”. Entrepreneurs are generally known for their ideas, their drive, and most of all their level of income. However, Vijay is a different breed of businessman. His vision is all about serving others first before anything else. This is one of the many reasons that he was named the CEO of the year in 2013.

As the CEO of QI Group of Companies, Vijay accomplished more than he ever could have imagined. The award was given by the Malaysian Minister of International Trade, and the big news was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine in India. Not only was Vijay awarded for his service and his innovation, but he was also rewarded for his compliance with best practices in business.

As an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Vijay is fully aware of his need to keep striving for excellence. He credits his foundation for success to his father that taught him service should always be put above self. At a time when many businesses are suffering, the drive to serve others is important. Serving others is what differentiates one business from another in the view of Vijay.

Vijay was astounded and proud to receive an award that many others before him had received. Being on the receiving end of an award that was given to many he admired in business was a memorable moment in his life. Passing these beliefs on to his team members is even more important, and it will set the tone for his company as it continues to grow.

Vijay has not been shy about expressing gratitude for all of his blessings and achievements. Taking a chance to leave corporate American and return to Asia to build a business was a big risk, but it’s a risk that he was willing to take to forge a new path toward success.

It’s safe to say that anyone that seeks to be successful in business could learn much from the example that has been set by Vijay Eswaran. (LinkedIn)

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