The Global Economy and Qnet

When you hear the word economy, many people think of America’s economy. However, the world’s economy is complex. On a global level, the economy is interdependent. Global marketing is vital to the health of this economy. Many businesses have worked based on this concept for years, opperating on a multinational level.

An excellent example of this is Qnet. Qnet is a multinational company that markets a variety of different things. From nutrition products to personal care to luxary goods and fashion accessories, Qnet offers the global economy a variety of goods. This has been crucial to the success of the of the company.

Qnet started out as a Hong Kong based company that began selling custom coins in 1998. The company was then called Gold Quest. They marketed them as an investment, and they were able to gain enough capital to transform their campany into what it is today. Expanding to market everything from weight management products to aquiring a vegetarian resort, expanding and diversifying set the company on a new path. Changing their name to Qnet, the company became known for its expansion of its product line.

Expansion of Qnet’s product line was not the only thing the company became known for. Qnet branched out and began marketing their products in countries from Taiwan to India to many countries across Asia and Central Europe. This allowed Qnet to become known as a global company.

Part of the strategy that has made Qnet a successful multinational organization is the fact that it is the fact that it opperates on many different levels in a sort of pyramid sort of fashion. But it should not be thought that Qnet is a scam. In fact, it is far from that. Qnet simply relies on their independent representatives to sell the products. Founder of the company Vijay Eswaran gives motivational speeches to sellers in order to help them learn how to market their product to the average person. This really shows the company’s committment. After all, how many CEOs personally oversee the marketing and training of lower level representatives? Check out their discussion on IndianExpress.

Overall, companies like Qnet greatly benefit the global economy. Qnet has really become a leader in this concept. Expanding to a diverse product base has really set a tone for other multinational direct selling companies. It also has given Qnet the capital to constantly expand their locations and therefore their customer base. Companies like Qnet are important to the overall health of the global economy, and Qnet has certainly set the bar very high for all companies with the hope and ambition to market on a multinational level.

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