Reasons Why Women Are Succeeding In Business than Men

In the modern business world, women have a clear competitive edge against their male counterparts and this trend is making many lady’s enterprises thrive far much and faster. The following are the major advantages that are enjoyed by women entrepreneurs.

Social Networking

Unlike most men, women are natural social networkers. They love to mingle, talk and rub elbows. In today’s business world, mastering the social media is next to compulsory. The fact that the ladies are better in this than their male counterparts makes them advertize and learn the trends in their business better. This gives them an upper hand.


Women are better at juggling many tasks simultaneously and still being capable of producing excellent results. Conversely, their male counterparts are best in focusing on one task at a time. This hands a competitive edge to women since today’s business world is distractive and a beehive of activities.


Naturally, women appear to have more patience than men. In today’s business world, patience and resilience are paramount since aggressive business techniques are not productive as they once were. The modern business world calls for extra perseverance due to the stiff competition.


Asking questions and listen keenly are two things that most clients love most from their servers. Some customers pop in malls and exhibitions without even a slightest clue of some of the products being offered. The ladies are seen to explain and listen to the customers preferences patiently. This makes the customers understand the service or product well and hence hire or purchase it.


Women are naturally better in collaboration. Collaboration is very crucial in business to an extent that even the giant multinational companies collaborate with each other. For entrepreneurs, the ability to form partnerships and relationships with other entrepreneurs or companies can bear a significant impact in their ventures. Unlike men, women naturally trust their colleagues which include even their competitors and this is what makes the difference. As an entrepreneur, opportunities to liaise often come up and in most cases such liaisons can be beneficial to enterprises.
There are many women who have excelled through exploiting these competitive edges against their male counterparts. One of them is Susan McGalla. McGalla is the founder of the popular P3 Executive Consulting. She offers expert insight based on her personal experience in the fashion world. Her career began at the American Eagle Outfitters, where she served in various managerial positions between 1994 and 2009. She ultimately served as the company’s President towards the end of her time at the firm. In 2011, McGalla became the CEO of Wet Seal where she went on offering consulting services to a portfolio of firms. Today, she is regarded as among the leading consultants as far as corporate fashion campaigns and marketing strategies are concerned. The highly-experienced business consultant also provides retail financial consulting to corporate firms. She also a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Pittsburgh, as well as sitting on the council of the Cancer Institute of University of Pittsburgh.

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