Quality Affordable Dry Dog Food That You Can Purchase From the Grocery Store

Your furry little four legged canine friend is family. Just like any member of the family we want what is best for them. We want them to feel loved. We want them to be healthy. Part of being healthy is eating good food. Organic food is the best. Yes, we know that. We have all heard about the wonders of feeding our pets organic food. Let’s be real, organic is expensive. I would love to feed my dogs organic, all natural, not processed dry dog food. I would also love to feed myself and my children organic, all natural, not processed food. I cannot afford it. Instead I feed my family, human and canine, the best I can on a budget. My family is healthy and loved. I present to you a list of quality affordable dog food that is available at most grocery stores.

Purina Beneful

Purina has a great dog food line called Beneful. I say a line because Beneful is available for all sizes of dogs. They create puppy and small dog food. They also have food for large dogs. There are several flavors of Beneful including chicken, beef, and salmon. Beneful also offers food for different lifestyles. If your dog’s weight is a concern there is a food for healthy weight. If your dog is active there is Playful Life. Purina Beneful over have a high user rating of just below 5 out 5 stars on Facebook. Beneful also uses real beef, chicken, and salmon.

Science Diet

Science Diet also has a large line of dry dog food. While their line does not offer the same variety as Beneful and the user rating is a little lower then Beneful that also use real chicken in their food. Science diet has two flavors. You will be able to find food the appropriate size for your dog. Science Diet also offers a variety of food for different animal lifestyles. If your dog is allergic to grain Science Diet has a grain free food available.

Purina One

Purina One was the first dog food available in grocery stores that used real meat at the number one ingredient. Purina One has user reviews equal to Purina Beneful, 4.8 out of 5 stars on Facebook. It seems that Purina is doing something right in the animal food world. Purina One has a large line of dog food for every size dog. You can buy beef, chicken, and salmon food. Purina One also offers a variety of food for different lifestyles and ages.

Giving Your Food a Little Something Extra

Sometime dry dog food just is not enough for your dog. There was a while where my dog would only eat his food if mixed together with wet food. Both Purina One and Beneful offer a variety of canned food. If canned food is not for you try adding a little real food. Eggs are a great cheap source of protein. Gravy can be quickly make with a little chicken or beef stock. Last, but not least, table scraps can be a great treat.

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