Qnet Making Huge Strides In Global Direct Selling

The direct-selling company Qnet has established itself as a giant among global distributors. Businessman and entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran had a vision when he started the company, and it remains just as true today as it did when it first opened in 1998. Qnet has offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, just to name a few. The company has thousands of independent representatives in these countries who not only sell products but recruit others as well. This marketing platform is not only good for the company but the IR as well.

Qnet has a full line of wildly successful products including nutritional supplements, weight loss, fashion and accessories, personal care and home decor. While the company has a number of strategies to get shed light on their products, the most successful is the market saturation of television and newspaper advertisements. Qnet spends a great deal of money on product packaging — designing boxes with pretty colors, flowers and anything that will make it stand out. Eswaran also spares no expense when it comes to company meetings. They often look more like concerts or parties with lights, pyrotechnics and music.

Eswaran’s goal has always been not to just make money but give back to the community. He has always followed Gandhi’s teachings and has implemented Gandhi’s philosophies to his business practices. He believes that a person must have humility in order to succeed. Eswaran is also very proud of the fact that his company is very diverse. Qnet currently have thousands of IRs working in 30 countries. QNet’s YouTube profile is linked here.

Qnet has won numerous awards over the years for its philanthropic efforts. The company gives to millions to many charities all over the world. One of the company’s crowning achievements took place just last year. Qnet entered a partnership with the Manchester City Football Club, and this move has made the company into a household name. This high-profile effort has catapulted Qnet to the position to the number one global direct selling company.

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