Putting Notes on Wikipedia Edits is Thorough and Professional

Wikipedia is incredibly interesting because it allows everyone from average people to Wikipedia writers for hire from all over the world to contribute to a fantastic online encyclopedia resource. Not every single entry in Wikipedia is correct though. Some contributors might not perform the proper amount of fact checking. Sources could end up missing or be totally incorrect. Poor grammar may ruin an otherwise nice contribution.

Despite these potential troubles, Wikipedia’s entries are usually very professional looking. How is this so? The reason is people can do a bit more than submit sections to the various entries. They are allowed to edit the contents as well. As a result, Wikipedia remains a very professional-looking site and its entries are mostly well-written and accurate.

Even though it is extremely easy to make edits and alterations on Wikipedia, there are still some responsibilities a user must take into consideration. Namely, the editor should justify why he or she made an addition, change, or alteration through adding a note.

The way a note is added is extremely simple. Prior to making any changes via the “Save” button, the option exists to add “Notes”. Anything typed in the “Notes” section ends up as a log describing the reasons why the edits were made. To eliminate any confusion over why an edit was made, the notations provide absolute clarity.

An example of this would be a section about lost television shows listing a program that really isn’t lost, but exists in an archive unreleased. The mention of the particular episode could be easily removed. Another section to the entry might present a header noting “unreleased” episodes, which would state certain episodes exist but have not been released publicly for years. A mention that, perhaps, only a single print exists in an archive.

A log of all edits is kept by Wikipedia. Through providing clear notes on why an edit was made, no one is going to step in and undo the edit because no data exists as to why it was made in the first place. A thorough Wikipedia writer/editor is going to make sure all notes are properly listed and easy to review.

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