Navigating The Waters Of Corporate Finance

When it comes to truly understanding financial matters, most of us don’t have a clue. In many cases, we just take the advice given to us by our mother or father, a tip or advice on a television show, or a report from a so-called financial planner. In many cases, advice from these sources are errant and sometimes dangerous.

Usually, when someone takes advice from a financial television show, no matter how popular it may be, in many cases the so-called good advice turns out to be short-lived, if effective at all. In fact, in many cases, the advice is just plain wrong, and many people who decide upon a course of action based on these recommendations are soon parted with their hard earned money.

No one has ever willingly given these individuals a solid piece of advice when it comes to personal and professional finances, but more is needed than just a hot tip. The best advice and knowledge about financial matters will come from a person that has an extensive background in finance, and can safely ascertain and suggest correct moves and strategies.

If this type of care and concern is needed on a personal level, it is needed even more so in the professional arena. Having solid financial planning skills and corporate knowledge, combined with a history of dealings with the ins and outs of professional finance is a must. Without this knowledge, businesses are prone to failure and undercapitalization due to error, bad planning and mismanagement. Brian Bonar is a well known CEO and leader in his field.

Individuals like Brian Bonar have extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with professional financial concerns. Bonar served as the former CEO of Trucept, Inc., and holds a MBA as well as a PhD from Stafford University in England, with an emphasis in International Business Development Studies. He has worked extensively with companies such as IBM, STTN, Dalrada Financial Corporation and a number of smaller companies throughout the United States and Europe.

When it comes to successfully navigating financial waters professionally, a strong background combined with extensive experience is essential for success. Without putting an experienced individual in this crucial position, a business may put itself in unnecessary jeopardy and find itself unprepared for an uncertain future ahead. By employing the fully qualified and knowledgeable corporate financial expert, a business or entity can avoid many financial traps as they move forward in an unforeseen future.

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