Jamie Garcia Dias: He Dedicates His Success To His Father

I have always been an avid lover of literature. I have bookcases filled with books that I read time and again. I don’t search out the big names like Stephen King or Agatha Christie, I want someone who probably isn’t on the New York’s Best Seller’s List, but by all rights should be. Jamie Garcia Dias fascinates me. I have many of his books and enjoy them each time I pull them out. He is a Brazilian writer who got his start at only fifteen years of age. At fifteen, I was thinking about getting my license and not changing the world through literacy. It helped having a writer in the family. His father contributed in his motivation.

Dias, whose YouTube channel is linked, is from the city of Rio de Janerio, and while his father worked as a writer, which fueled his fire, he only gave me an additional push. The man already had the drive to write. He has received so many awards over the years for his inspiring creations. This year he won the Brazil Dummy Literature Award, from ABC. He is forty-five years old and has been at this since he was a teen you do the math. When I read books, I love to read from someone who is experienced. I like his style how the words just seem to glide off the page. He moves and stirs me in the deepest part of my soul. Though his books are fictional, he can connect with his audience.

One of my favorite books that he wrote was Clouds and Tiny. It was a book based on dreaming and reaching for the sky. I read this book to my children, as they enjoy the many vivid descriptions of nature and the intense realism the story delivers. His bold choice of words is one of the main reasons why Dias has received so many accolades. He is not just an author; he’s passionate about his work too. He recently won the respect of the Brazilian Literary world, as he was recognized as one of the top writers for fictional stories in the country. Brazil considers him to be one of the literary icons, now if he could only get the recognition he deserves in the States.

What made Dias, whose Pinterest is linked, stand out with his crowd was his dedications to his father. He is known for being ever thankful for his father’s hard work and teaching. He told stories of his father’s books and how they motivated him to work harder and do more. When he writes tributes to his father, me, and the rest of the world reads anticipant with tears in our eyes. He loved his father and honored him through his legacy.

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