Eric Pulier: A Profile of Success

The name Eric Pulier and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) go hand in hand, but as an entrepreneur this company isn’t the only thing he is known for. Service Mesh, the company that purchased CSC, did so in 2013 for over $250 million dollars. That is a lot of money, but the price tag says a lot about the company and its mission. (Twitter)

Mission and vision are both important to CSC, and that is because cloud service is the main focus for the company. Cyber Security and Big Data are also hot topics, and with so many major corporations switching to cloud service it was critical that the right executives were on staff.

The genius of Mr. Pulier is evident, with his impressive resume and early childhood interest in technology. It’s no surprise that he started a database computer company in high school which no doubt made him the envy of his peers. His personal history of founding fifteen companies speaks volumes about his ambition coupled with his knowledge. Because his studies at Harvard were focused on literature, Mr. Pulier continues to intrigue individuals in the tech world. As a donor to several non-profit organizations, he is highly regarded as a philanthropist as well as an entrepreneur in the Los Angeles area.

The genius behind CSC is tremendous and forward thinking as applications continue to grow exponentially in the business world. Having the mobility to do business as well as the tools and resources to build more business on the go is just a small part of what CSC does.

CSC has several partners around the world that work to expand the use of technology and new programs, and Mr. Pulier has continued to push towards the services that CSC can provide as well as those companies and agencies that have partnered with them. The list of industries with which CSC works is voluminous including public sector, government, automotive, and even defense. There are many industries in which CSC can provide top level service, but Mr. Pulier has been a true inspiration that pushes these partners to be the best of the best.

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