Economic study into Olympic Valley backed by Andy Wirth

Squaw Valley Ski resort has always been a major cultural, historic and economic factor in the past and future of Olympic Valley. Squaw Valley CEO and President Andy Wirth is now looking to the future to try and halt the incorporation of the area into a town, which he and his fellow Squaw Valley Ski Holdings officials feel holds little to no benefit for the area. In opposition to Wirth and his supporters are the Incorporate Olympic Valley group, which feels the negative results of the fiscal study into incorporation are wrong and should be recalculated to provide a fairer, more balanced view of incorporation.

The Sierra Sun explains Wirth has backed the findings of his own financial experts who reviewed the study and found the results to be correct. Andy Wirth is bringing a wealth of tourism and legal experience to the debate, which has seen this trained lawyer work in some of the top resorts found in North America. After his arrival in the Lake Tahoe region in 2010, Andy Wirth has thrown himself into working with the community in a bid to better the lives of those he works alongside and serves.

The debate over the incorporation of Olympic Valley looks set to continue after beginning in December 2013 after supporters of the plan stated their wish for the next steps ion the process to continue. The Placer Local Agency Formation Commission will make the final decision on whether Olympic Valley, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1960, will be incorporated. An environmental impact study is the next step the supporters of the plan will undertake as they bid to push through the incorporation of this historic area as a town.

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