BRL Trust Provides Hope in Brazilian Economy

While Brazilian investment markets slow following the downturn of the Brazilian economy in recent years, financial leader, BRL Trust sparks bullish optimism in its customers and investors.

Founded in 2005, BRL Trust is Brazil’s largest investment firm with 800 transactions and 4.5 Billion in assets. BRL is recognized as the largest administrator of Brazilian investment funds in the ANBIMA ranking, the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Markets.

BRL began its activities providing trust services in private loans provides fiduciary services, funds administration, funds custody, asset management, asset underwriting. The Trust’s investment grew following the diverse requirements of its customers. The results were new business areas in Administration and Management of Investment Funds, Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Markets.

BRL Trust’s success is derived from its high profile management team. Founder and Director Mauricio Ribiero’s current responsibilities include the Custody Fund and the International area. Former Price Waterhouse Coopers and Ernst & Young employee, Rodrigo Gomes, Director and founding partner of BRL TRUST Investment, presently manages Fiduciary Services, project finance, and management of SPEs. Has over 15 years of experience in financial markets. MBA Graduate and Lawyer, Rodrigo Cavalcante is the director of BRL TRUST Investment.

BRL is also recognized in the industry as an ethical leader successfully implementing a transparency model for interactions with their customers.

In addition to its financial services, BRL manages the Arena Corinthians stadium. The 11th largest stadium in the country. BRL’s involvement began prior to construction commencement in 2014, providing a total initial capital of 820 million in 2011, with a final completion cost of 1.2 billion dollars.

BRL’s growth may receive synergistic economic influence.Central bank board member Luiz Awazu Pereira expressed his confidence that the recent years of sluggish Brazilian economic performance may receive uplift from Brazil’s rising exports, which he expects to boost the Brazilian economy in 2016. Recent data shows Brazil as having 225 Billion in current exports, 229 in imports, creating a trade balance of -4 Billion. Check out BRL Trust article on

Brazil economy made recent US news when President Obama provided a loan to Brazil of $2 Billion to support exploratory oil drilling off the shores of Rio de Janeiro.

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