3 High-Quality Home Cleaning Services

Finding the right cleaning service can be a messy affair especially when hiring some for the first time. Many will choose sites like Craigslist or ebay to find local businesses or independent contractors to perform whatever task needs doing. Ask yourself this: How do you know they are certified and have insurance to cover any potential mishaps? What if the person you’re hiring turns out to be a career criminal? Rest assured for here are three high-quality, dependable services that will remove any wandering doubt you may have about whom you are contracting.

Amazon Home Services
Akin to its AmazonFresh initiative, Amazon continues its trend of being the one-stop-shop for virtually everything by now offering Home Services. There are two available options to choose from: Pre-Packaged and Custom.

Pre-Packaged services, as the name implies, are pre-configured services readily available for purchase on Amazon’s Home Services storefront. As a means of insurance, Amazon is backing all purchases via this method to have the lowest price offered by the service and pro. This is a highly attractive option for tasks requiring urgent attention without the luxury of time or in-depth research.

Custom Services are exactly as they sound. Pick a service you need performed and Amazon will bring it you, usually with an estimate from a reputable service. The selection appears to be limited to mostly utility-related work but will likely expand in the future.

Angie’s List
Since 1995, Angie’s List has been providing a platform that connects consumers to local businesses and services through a comprehensive interface, pricing and rating system. There is a membership fee with three tiers: basic, plus and premium. Some may view this as a downside but consider the effect this has on user reviews. The relatively low-barrier to entry filters out unwanted to downright deceptive reviews. Additional benefits include health and wellness reviews, nationwide access, exclusive discounts, rebates and the highest tier even offers complaint resolution. Perhaps the least economical choice but far superior to hiring an anonymous individual on sites like craigslist or ebay.

In 2012, former real-estate developer Oisin Hanrahan struggled to find quality handymen for various properties he was renovating. Oisin enlisted the help of venture capital firms Highland Capital Partners, General Catalyst Partners, Box Group and Art Papas to form what was then known as Handy Handybook would provide a platform that connects reputable independent contractors to consumers to provide them with high-quality service.

Speaking of service, handy offers a wide range of services including home, office and vacation rental cleaning. All of their professionals are subject to background checks and required to have insurance and if that’s not enough, there is a money-back guarantee. Applying for service is simple: enter your zip code, rooms to be cleaned, start time and in return you will receive an estimate. Should you accept the service, whatever card is attached to your account will be charged and services will begin per your instruction.

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