North American Spine’s AccuraScope Gets Press

On July 2, 2015, North American Spine has appeared on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas. Dr. Basem has appeared on the show for an interview that describes the AccuraScope procedure. This procedure is a wonderful procedure that is quick and easy. Many patients are giving this procedure a try as they learn about it. They also walk out glad that they did give this procedure a shot. They get to experience the many advantages that come with the procedure as opposed to other surgical procedures that have been traditional for issues such as joint pain and tissue injuries.

One of the advantages of the AccuraScope procedure is that it takes very little time to carry out. The recovery time is also very short. Patients that undergo AccuraScope will recover from the procedure within a week. They can go right back to work after the procedure. This is a large improvement from the lengthy preparation, procedure and recovery time of regular surgery. As a matter of fact, surgeries tend to require weeks or even months of recovery time before one can continue his life. As more people discover the AccuraScope procedure, they will opt for undergoing treatment whenever they have joint pain or tissue problems. It is not as helpful for bone problems.


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