Joseph Bismark And The Qi Group Rely On Creative Energy To Grow The Business


A new method of doing business is developing in countries around the world. The Internet has helped bring the business world together, and this global community is reshaping the way consumers think about products, services and business in general. The blog Left Handed Right Mind is a good example of this innovative new approach to business. 

One of the business leaders mentioned in that blog is Joseph Bismark, the co-founder of Qi Limited, a multi-level conglomerate that emphasizes unity rather than separation. The word “Qi” is a symbol for the energy that creates all material things, and Bismark’s business philosophy is based on that spiritual belief. Bismark spent years studying ancient Chinese traditions, and his meditation skills have helped him as Managing Director of the Qi Group. 

Bismark devotes most of his energy to promoting health and wellness through the products and services offered by the Qi Group. But he is also involved in environmental causes through the foundation created by him and co-founder Vijay Eswaran. The company’s Prana Resort in Koh Samui is a good example of their green mentality and philosophy. The RHYTHM Foundation embraces the green initiative by promoting energy conservation and recycling along with other green concepts. The entire Prana Resort relies on solar power for electricity, and their multi-story Qi Tower in Singapore is a completely paperless office environment.

Bismark and Eswaran are making a difference in countries throughout Asia. More than 30 countries have benefited from Bismark’s spiritual and business sense. More countries around the globe are added to the Qi Group’s list of clients every day because the company’s approach to health and wellness is the innate approach to a fruitful life

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