Holy Star Wars Batman!

Holy Star Wars Batman, it’s all coming true. All those weird pretend gizmos from Science Fiction are slowly materializing in our real world as if they had always been there tucked away in our future and we just keep rediscovering them.

And so it is with image recognition. Suppose you’re pining for your favorite piece of clothing that somehow was totally ruined in an odd accident with a cup of blueberry juice and the stain will just not disappear.

Don’t despair, just take a snap shot with the digital camera on your digital phone, do some color adjustment to remove the stain, and then Google the image out into the web universe and voila! Image recognition will find a match or something similar enough to please you. It’s so amazing, but it’s so true

The first technology was available only on smart phones, but now you can access it on your desk top. No need for text or explanation, just upload or download the image itself, and the search begins for you. The benefits of shopping this way are clear. You don’t need to go from shop to shop hoping to find an item. The function finds the location with the item for you.

Slyce is a leader in image recognition technology and has partnered with several major retailers to provide this service to customers. It can be accessed by logging on the retailer’s web site or app. Neimanmarcus is an example of an established Department Store incorporating image recognition with its own app called SNAP.FIND.SHOP.

Apple currently has two apps that use facial recognition to provide instant access to web sites and information you choose once you allow your photographed face to be your password. One is FastAccessAnywhere and the other is FaceCrypt.

This bright and shiny technology will soon become accepted and commonplace soon enough and will definitely enhance our day to day shopping experience. Facial recognition is probably more personal and subtle, perhaps acting as a security method or just a way to make our own access to our own information easier to access. In any case, it’s exciting and it’s fun.

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