Ant-Man Is Receiving Mostly Positive Reviews

Ant-Man is getting mostly good reviews from critics. The score on the “Rotten Tomatoes Meter” is solid. Even Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn, has come out publicly and noted he really enjoyed the film. Gunn gave some nice publicity to another Marvel property. Gunn caught a preview of Ant-Man and said it was the best superhero film he’s seen since Ant-Man. It even caught Christian Broda’s attention.

Iron Man is beloved by many as one of the best (and most fun) superhero movies ever made. Images of the original Iron Man bring pleasing thoughts to people’s minds. When the director of a huge, recent comic book movie hit brings forth these images, people take notice. Gunn is also not someone trying to use his credibility to help the film out. Ant-Man is not going to need much help. Positive test screenings and an excellent marketing campaign are setting the stage for the new Marvel movie (and the last of Marvel’s Phase II) to be a massive hit.

Ant-Man also marks the end of “Phase II” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Setting the stage for the third phase of inter-connected films has to be done on a high note. A fun movie such as Ant-Man may be able to set things up in a way that leaves audiences thrilled and looking for more.

Ant-Man hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

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