Adam Sender: Mega Art Collector Extraordinaire

Lots of people love to look at beautiful art pieces and some of them have turned into true art collectors that cherish it. One of those people is Adam Sender, 45, who over the past 20 years has put together a large collection of contemporary artwork. Now, he is one of the few mega collectors in the art world.

Sender’s Art Collection Began in 1990s

Sender began his collection in the mid-1990s. Sender is one of the art collectors who has been able to lean towards collecting art pieces from soon to be famous artists via his ability to judge their potential rise to stardom. Plus, he has done so in a fashion that is very logical in its progression.

Sender, written about by the, has currently decided to put part of this collection, about 500 art pieces created by 139 artists, into the Sotheby’s auctions until sometime next year in 2016. Even so, Sender has many more pieces in his collection besides the ones that will go up for sale at the auctions. All of the kinds of new and important art movements are represented in Sender’s collection such as conceptual art, Minimalism, and appropriation. He says he waits until a new artist has been working for a couple of years and then decides if it is a good idea to start buying their artwork.

Sender Has Wide Variety of Artists in his Collection

Some of the artwork he will offer up to buyers are works by artists like Keith Haring, as well as Martin Kippenberger and another modern master, Dan Flavin, as well as Cindy Sherman and Richard Prince. Some of Sender’s other items that he has collected were pieces by Adam McEwen, as well as Rashid Johnson and another young artist, Lucien Smith.

In fact, one very controversial piece of artwork that Sender has in his collection from Cindy Sherman, is a 1981 photo called Black Sheets, which shows Sherman in a daze pulling a blanket over herself while lying in her own bed. Sender says that this piece was an example of one of the first important buys he made. He paid $100,000 for it at the time, and it’s worth much more in 2015. That is an example of the talent that Sender has in seeking out and being able to determine the value of a new artist and accurately pick future masterpieces.

So, if you want to start collecting art, get some advice from someone like Adam Sender and you too could become a mega art collector.

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