United States Currency to Reflect Equality of Women

In 2020, the 19th Amendment will reach its centennial anniversary. With this landmark, a change to United States currency, namely the $10 dollar bill. Although the woman whose likeness will appear on this bank note has yet to be determined, the Department of Treasury has confirmed the upcoming change. There are many women suggested, which include entertainers, historians, politicians and civil rights activists.

In a recent article, some of the women who have been nominated are mentioned. Beyoncé, Harriet Tubman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Rosa Parks are just a few that have made the list.
This is a wonderful and thoughtful thing for the Untied States government to do to honor women of the country. According to PR Newswire, women spent many years to fight for equal rights, which include the right to vote, in the United States. Although Sacagawea and Susan B. Anthony have had appearances on coins in the past, this will be the first time that a woman will have a permanent place on currency. Alexander Hamilton, which has had his face immortalized on the $10 dollar note for more than a century, will remain in the design released in 2020.

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