Trump Is Not Backing Down Nor Apologizing For His Comments About Mexico

Trump Banned All Univision Employees From His Properties

Donald Trump can stir the political pot faster than anyone, and he proved that recently when he told the world what he thought of Mexico. He didn’t pull any punches when he said he would put a wall on the Mexican border, and he would bring American jobs back to America from Mexico. He also said he was sick of the crime, the drugs and the other negative traits that Mexicans bring to the US. Those statements were enough to start a mini war. The war is between Trump and the Latino culture.

Trump’s Miss Universe Pageant was the first casualty of this Trump-inspired war. Univision the largest Spanish-speaking television network dropped the pageant, and several Latino people associated with the pageant are refusing to participate this year. The Miss Universe Pageant may be a little less universal this year.

But all those threats and promises don’t phase Trump, at least from what Ricardo Tosto is reading. He’s suing Univision for violating their contract, and he will replace the people that refuse to participate. He has also banned all Univision employees from his properties, especially his golf course in Miami. The damage from this Trump war is not over, and Trump knows it.

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