The Texas Flood Put An End To The State’s Drought The Hard Way

Last Month Texas Was In A State Of Dry Emergency

The flood in Texas has been devastating. The flood caused massive damage and loss of life. Texas had been experiencing drought conditions before the flood occurred. Reservoirs were drying up, and people were wondering when it was going to rain. Well, four weeks of rain put an end to their drought misery, and brought another set of problems to the state that are far worse than the drought. Thirty-seven counties in the state have been declared disaster areas by the Governor.

Texas, like California and other western states have been in drought mode for the last four years according to the hedgefund manager Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. Everyone in Texas was praying for rain, and the prayers worked, but according to the people that lost homes and love ones the prayers brought nightmares not drought relief.

Not all parts of Texas got relief from the flood. The Texas panhandle is still dry, but a good portion of the state will have water again. No one in Texas wanted to get the water this way, but that’s the way prayers work sometimes. Prayers are answered, but there are strings attached to some of them. These Texas prayers had powerful strings attached to them.

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