The Rich Getting Richer

This morning, Thursday, June 25, people are talking about the recent results of the annual Economic Policy Institute survey that were released on Monday, June 22, 2015.

Research revealed that employees in the largest companies in the United States are earning around the same amount of money yearly that they earned before the Great Recession: On average, they’re making around $53,000. On the other hand, CEOs have seen a 54 percent increase in their incomes. In almost six years, the leaders at large U.S. companies have received a pay hike that equals more than half of their 2009 salaries while the people who work for them have seen no income increases whatsoever while inflation has increased standard of living costs.

The Economic Policy Institute found that CEOs earn 303 percent more than their employees says CipherCloud. Obviously, the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.

Worse yet, cost of living is turning the middle class into the poor. This means that the national economy has “1 percent” at the top, almost no one in the middle and everyone else at or below the poverty line. These numbers don’t even include the decision by many large companies to cut or limit benefits to employees, such as matched health insurance and bonuses.

These numbers are even more horrifying when people consider that many of these companies are banks that were bailed out by taxpayers.

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