The Negative Impact of Incorporation on the Olympic Valley

When contemplating city life for the community of Olympic Valley, there is quite a unwelcome response by the locals. With only 1,000 full-time residents, a fiscal analyst has concluded that a city life would not only be unable to support themselves but it would also be unfair to the local residents of the small town.

The only revenue the city would make to support itself would be from hotels, but even that is not cost effective, when the hotels still must be built. Tourism would be the only income of the city with the lack of other potential incomes such as farming as well as transportation.

If Incorporate Olympic Valley were to get their way, the city would have a deficit by 2017 to 2018. It has been predicted that the deficit will continue to grow to 1.8 million dollars annually over the next decade.

It has been noted that incorporation has been pushed for years with the proposals of 850 new hotel and condo rooms. This however has been fought against by a group known as the Save Our Valley lead by Andy Wirth. They state that they are opposed to the proposals because the plans are filled with flaws. Building hotels and condos in a small town while expecting tourists to flock immediately is a mistake that would be made. 

The proposal plans for development in the Olympic Valley also included 300,000 square feet of land to be developed and turned into commercial space for visitors. The town now is home to 1,000 residents. With the movement to add development, not only would it upset the locals but it will have a negative environmental impact. From an environment that is small to an industrial environment, there are sure to be several negative environmental impacts that will negatively effect the Olympic Valley in California.

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