The Church and Its People

A recent incident involving an individual and an attack on a black church has many church leaders negotiating their open door policy among members of their community. Most churches across racial lines have a policy that allows anyone and everyone to attend their services. Churches are now concerned that this open door policy might leave them open and vulnerable against people who might want to attack their congregants or leaders in general. Church leaders are wondering if they should take steps to protect their flock or welcome strangers into the church’s arms period the openers that most churches fall under come from the history of the church building being a sanctuary for all people. Dividing churches as black white or others have segregated communities from themselves. Churchgoers are struggling with allowing strangers who might be seeking the Word of God to come in and not trusting those who are not like them. According to Mikal Watts, many parishioners believe that if they have to turn individuals away that they would lose a sense of what it means to be a Christian. The Southern Church’s ability to open its doors up to different walks of life have set their ministries apart from other areas around the country. There is no doubt that the unfortunate and avoidable events that happened in South Carolina’s church will completely change the way that churches invite members. It is extremely unfortunate, but necessary in terms of keeping church goers of all colors safe from harm’s way.

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