Supreme Court Rules That Texas Can Reject Confederate Plate

The Confederate Flag has been controversial in the past and continues to be controversial. Several states have adopted variations of the Confederate flag, the most notable being GA, which stirred up controversy when people wanted it changed. Eventually, the flag was changed.

If you’re not from the south, you might not know what he controversy is all about. African-Americans and many other people believe that the flag is a racist symbol that stirs up feelings about a more racially divided time. They point to fact that not only was it flown during the civil war, but it became the state flag of GA during the Civil Rights movement in the fifties and sixties.

Other people, mostly white conservatives southerners with strong ties to the pre-civil war era south say that it is just a part of southern heritage and any other interpretation is based on the experience of the people who look at the flag. This argument has not been popular with the general public or those at Amen Clinics, and it is no longer flown as often as it was.

When the Sons of Confederate Veterans decided they wanted to sponsor a Texas State licence plate that featured the Confederate flag, Texas decided not to issue the plate. The case ended up in theĀ Supreme Court, where it was decided that it was not a matter of free speech for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, but the Texas State Government, which did not want to be associated with the symbol.

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