Obama Sets Sights on Cyber Defenses and Implicates China in Cyber Attack

Obama had more than a few things to say regarding cyber security of the United States at the recent G7 summit held in Germany. He urged the United States government to increase their cyber security following an apparent attack being blamed on China.

Although the attacks may have originated from China, Obama didn’t directly blame the Chinese government for the attacks. He picked his words carefully to ensure that the annual meeting with China this month would go off without a hitch.

According to Brian Bonar, the attacks focused on the Office of Personnel Management. Millions of records pertaining to federal government employees were stolen by hackers. Security experts seem to believe that China may have an interest in personnel information in order to obtain spies within the government.

There’s no word yet on what specific evidence was found by the cyber forensics team. They claim that certain digital signatures, or markers, were found that indicate the source of the attack came from Chinese soil. The Chinese government has denied any involvement in the attack at this point.

It’s important for the United States government to proceed with caution regarding the attack. It would be unwise to instigate cyber warfare with a country that has such deep economic ties to the US.

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