Lindsey Graham Would Send Troops To War Even If Americans Were Against It

Graham A Recent Addition To The Republican Race For President Is Known For His Hawkish Foreign Policy Beliefs

One thing is sure. The race for the Republican nominee for president is filled with some colorful characters. They all have some good qualities, but those qualities are hard to identify at times, especially when they open their mouths.

Lindsey Graham, the Republican senator from South Carolina, is one of those candidates. Graham’s record is not that impressive. Most people that lives outside of South Carolina don’t really know him, but his foreign policy decisions has given him enough recognition to run for president.

In a recent speech, Graham told the audience he wants to send troops back to Iraq. He wants to send troops to Syria, and other places that are instigating a war against the United States in some way. Graham was asked if he would send the troops to those places even if Americans were against that type of action. Graham didn’t hesitate. He simply said “those people that disagree with me shouldn’t vote for me.” Well, yeah. He’s right. We don’t need another president that does what he wants to do. Being president is not a one-man show. Lindsey needs to stay in South Carolina preferably on the beach or on a golf course, as Sam Tabar points out.

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