How a User Can Improve Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the world’s most used online encyclopedia. It has an open edit policy so that any user can contribute content or edit a page. In fact Wikipedia encourages its users to join in on approving their site. It is a fun project to be a part of, if not a little intimidating.

Getting Started

To make a Wikipedia page there areĀ a few different resources for users who want to begin editing on the website. According to this a website there is a tutorial video that gives an introduction. Users can also practice on fake articles using the sandbox feature of the website. Editors should be thorough in their research and meticulous with their grammar. If mistakes are made though it is sure to be corrected.

Every edit and the user who performed it is recorded and time stamped. There is a complete log of all Wikipedia changes as well as a history of edits listed on each page. Several edits occur every hour.

Editing Grammar and Formatting

A user can improve the quality of already existing Wikipedia articles by correcting the grammar and formatting of the page. Accidents happen. With the sheer volume of edits made by users, the likelihood of a spelling error or displaced comma is considerable.

Wikipedia has its own Manual of Style to show contributors and editors what they expect from a page. It requests consistent style throughout the page. It also asks that people not invent their own acronyms or abbreviations. It explains how each section should be formatted.

The Manual of Style addresses grammar as well. It talks about capitalization of both pages titles and proper nouns. It even addresses the issue of proper English. There are several varieties of English to choose from so Wikipedia wants to make sure its users know which way to spell the more common words.

Add Original Content

Users can improve Wikipedia by updating links, lengthening articles, or even writing their own pages. Wikipedia asks that writers remain neutral about their topics. They must cite their information with reliable sources.

Wikipedia also has a list of special pages that can be browsed through and updated. There is a list of lonely pages. That means they are not linked to any other pages. Another group, too short pages, is missing information. The most wanted list of pages is a bulletin of articles that people want but have not yet been crafted.

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