Fridge Waste

Think of all the times that you’ve cleaned out your fridge recently. How much food did you throw away? It may seem like a lot, or it may not seem like a lot. But little by little, that food thrown away adds up. People throw away food for a variety of reasons. Sometimes food gets expired, which is probably the most common reason. Other times, a family might realize that no one in their household is going to eat whatever they bought on an impulse. So that too gets tossed. People don’t realize just how much they toss out, but a new survey might change that.

According to GrubStreet the average American household throws away $640 worth of food a year. It may not seem like a lot to some, and it may seem like a lot to others. But, can you imagine if you combined that total from everyone all over the country? There would be a lot of hungry and homeless people that could be fed off of that wasteful spending.

So how to combat this? First off, only buy the necessary ingredients, and items that a family knows will get eaten. Secondly, purchase ingredients on the day your going to make a meal. That way things won’t go bad if you ask those at Qnet. Finally, freeze things that can be frozen to ensure that they will last a while. If everyone agrees to simple steps, we can slow down food waste.

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