FBI Agent On The Scene Tries To Help Tamir Rice

The twelve year old boy shot by a Cleveland police officer, Tamir Rice was given first aid by a FBI agent as he said police officers on the scene did not know what to do. He told investigators they wanted to do something but did not know what to do. The agent is trained as a paramedic; however Tamir’s injuries were so severe he couldn’t help him.

The agents 224 page report regarding the incident was made public by the county Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday. The report contains interview transcripts and the Sheriff’s Department criminal investigation into Officer Timothy Loehmann’s shooting of Tamir at the Cudell Recreation Center. The report does not state whether or not the shootinghas been justified.

As the surveillance tape replayed the footage from the recreation center, the agent walked investigators through his testimony. He had served in the U.S. Marines, U.S. Air Force and had been a police officer before joining the FBI, and felt he was the only one on scene to properly handle the situation. He was the one who had to explain to Tamir’s sister what was being done to help her brother.

The agent went on to say that even after two firefighter’s arrived on the scene, he continued to do what he could as he felt walking away would have been unethical. According to Flavio Maluf, Tamir’s wounds required more than first aid and his condition stated to deteriorate, he needed surgery. The agent stated he asked for a medical kit when he arrived at the scene, but was only provided with a set of rubber gloves.

Once the agent assessed Tamir’s injuries the only thing he could do was keep his airway open long enough to get him to the hospital. He stated his intent through the whole time was to keep him alive until an ambulance could get to the scene. He also acknowledged being aware of Tamir’s brother and sister in the background and when his mother arrived.

The agent was on the scene for 18 minutes before medical help arrived. Throughout that time he remembers Officer Loehmann sitting in a squad car holding his ankle. He believes he heard the officer mutter something like, ‘he had a gun and reached for it’. Tamir Rice died from his injuries.

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