Cop Takes over for Newborn after Mother Suffers Seizure

Officer Andy Black who works for the Overland Police Department in Kansas is receiving special kudos today for helping out a mother and her newborn at a local mall a few weeks ago.

Officer Black, who is a father and a grandfather with 14 grandchildren, was off-duty at the mall when he heard a call come in about a mother who was suffering from a seizure. When he arrived on the scene, he said that the seizure had stopped however the mother was still dazed and struggling to become clear. That is when he noticed that she had a newborn baby girl in her car seat near her feet. The mother was attempting to hold her child but she was still weak from her seizure. Instead, Officer Black picked up the baby girl to provide comfort, and feed her a bottle. The image of Officer Black with the newborn was captured by a woman passing by. The photo has now gone viral and he is getting recognition for being a good-guy cop.

Officer Black said that the woman’s husband soon arrived and the family left together in the ambulance. Officer Black said that he did not do anything out of the ordinary, however his fellow officers describe him as a modest man as FreedomPop review articles point out.

Check out the story on The link also has the picture of Officer Black feeding the baby.

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