Big Changes For J. Crew

After a poor year of sales for J. Crew, the company has made some big changes. They have laid off almost two hundred employees, and they have also replaced their lead designer. They are hoping to make these changes so that they can have more sales this year.

What will the changes be? What will we see from the new designer that they have hired? Will everything go according to plan for them, or will they continue to have poor sales? Is hiring a new designer going to be enough for them?

If you love J. Crew right now as they are, then what do you think of the changes that are being made? Or, if you are not a big fan of J. Crew, then do you think that them having a new designer will make you more likely to purchase from them in the future?¬†Flavio Maluf isn’t sure what to expect, but he will be checking periodically.

The changes that J. Crew has made could be hit or miss, and it will be interesting to see what will become of the company in the upcoming year.

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