Apple: Taylor Swift Tweets and Demands Action

Apple has debuted their new service, Apple Music, with a free trial offer for consumers. This sparked an outcry from popular artists, including Taylor Swift, who demanded the artists still continue to gain revenue while customers are free from paying for the service during the trial period.

The new service will stream music and is offered free for three months, in an effort to gain momentum and popularity says CCMP Capital. Artists are finding it more and more difficult to stake their claim on their royalties, as CD sales and iTunes sales are at the lowest we have ever seen. The ease of streaming music and radio apps are causing the entertainers we know and love to speak up and demand their fair share. As technology moves at the speed of light it is difficult to keep tabs on how and where their music is being shared, social media seems to be the platform on which artists are going to in search of support.

You can read Taylor’s tweets here,

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