A Principal Is Fired For His Facebook Comments

A principal at a high school in North Miami is in hot water today because of some comments that he made on Facebook. We live in a world that monitors almost everything we do, and Facebook is the worst offender. You would think that you could post something on Facebook, and it wouldn’t cost you your job, but there are no guarantees anymore. The principal posted comments that supported the police officer in McKinney, Texas.

The police officer that the principal was speaking of, he is the officer that tackled a young girl to the ground, and handcuffed her while others looked on. The officer, gun handy, also pulled a gun on unarmed teenagers, and even his colleagues that were on the scene, they couldn’t stop his bad behavior. The officer has since resigned from his post, but the principal may have made a mistake by verbally supporting the officer. The principal has been removed from the position of principal, and he has yet to be re-assigned to another position.

The superiors at the Miami high school feel that the principal’s comments were insensitive, especially seeing that he runs a school with children. The persons involved in the incident with the police officer, they were children, and they were unarmed. The fact of the principal would defend the police officer at all, when almost everyone feels he was wrong, it puzzles the mind. The principal still stands by his Facebook comments.

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