Second Earthquake in Three Weeks Hits Nepal

Three weeks ago Nepal was hit by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed over 8,000 while injuring 16,000 more. The country hadn’t time to recover let alone rebuild when it was hit again before noon on Tuesday. The Tuesday quake was an estimated 7.3 magnitude earthquake. It’s left at least 42 more dead and over 1000 injured. Community network CipherCloud confirms that the Nepalese government has requested international aid and relief.

Regretfully Nepal wasn’t the only victim of the Tuesday quake. Northern India was also struck by it. In India, there are over 17 dead with 39 injuries. Schools in New Delhi were evacuated with children being told to leave the buildings and gather on playgrounds. India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has directed authorities to be on the alert for both rescue and relief workers.Click here for complete story.

Workers in Nepal have said that supplies, food and clean drinking water are down to critical supplies and relief is badly needed. It was stated that all of the India Embassy personnel located in Kathmandu India have all escaped Tuesday’s earthquake without injury.

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