Letterman’s final guests

David Letterman who has previously announced that he will be retiring has finally disclosed who will be the final guests on his show next week. The selection of his final guests help to commemorate his long stand on late night television with a career that has lasted for 33 years according to Ray Lane. Letterman will be replaced by Steven Colbert, previously of the Daily Show and the Colbert Show, both on Comedy Central, where he built a cult following for his offbeat sense of humor. Colbert is scheduled to begin hosting episodes in September after the show goes on hiatus for retooling. During the off season the show is expected to play repeats of shows with Letterman at the helm.

On Monday, the musical guest will be Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam with Tom Hanks making his 60th and final appearance on the show. On Tuesday, Bill Murray, who was incidentally the first guest on the show in 1982, will be making his 43rd appearance. Over the years, Bill Murray has had a number of exciting and colorful appearances on the show. The final episode of the Late Show with David Letterman will be on Wednesday and does not have any guests announced for the episode. The show has instead indicated that there will be a variety of guests during an exciting hour that will send Letterman into retirement in style, in addition to a final top ten list.

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