First to Fail

The firefighting profession has been around since 1865. Men and women who are brave enough to face the blazes that endanger civilian life are highly regarded. Even in countries outside of the United States. The training and tests that potential firefighters have to face are extensive and daunting. Rebecca Wax learned this the hard way. The 33 year old is the first woman in FDNY history to fail the physical fitness test. Even though she failed the physical fitness test, she is still going to graduate from her Firefighter Skill Training test. The FST measures physical and mental stability while students are in a simulated test according to AVVO.

The standard is that the student finish the test within 17 minutes and 50 seconds or less. Wax had repeatedly attempted to successfully attempt the test but was only able to finish once with a time of more than 22 minutes. There are a few fellow students who don’t believe that Wax should graduate with them. Firefighting is a team effort. When these men and women risk their lives to save the lives of civilians the team needs to be as strong as possible. If even one link of that chain is weak, everyone’s life including the lives of civilians, are at serious risk. The FDNY has a mandate that states probationary firefighers must have at least 75% once the comprhensive tests are combined. Wax passed her academic test with flying colors and this offsets her training failure. The Firefighter Commission of New York with determine later in the week if Rebecca Wax will serve on the FDNY under further review.

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