First Gay Marriage Proposal Aired on Italian Television Last Week

After a performance on the hit reality show, “Italia’s Got Talent”, one of the performers from the French acrobatic dance troupe Les Farfadais proposed to another member of the dance troupe. While this is not shocking news, both of the members were men which makes this the first gay marriage proposal that was aired on television in Italy in history.

Les Farfadais had just finished performing to the song “The Power of Love” when one of the dancers dropped to his knees in front of the other. Stephane Haffner, a 37-year-old dancer who runs the troupe, asked for help from the judges to translate his proposal for the Italian viewers. He then asked his boyfriend, 24-year-old New Yorker Kyle Kier to marry him in front of their large audience. Kier said that he was shocked when Haffner proposed, he had no idea it was coming. Before Haffner could even finish asking the question, Kier pulled him up from the kneeling position, grabbed the ring, and planted a big kiss on his now fiance.

Vanessa Incontrada, who is host of the show, helped with the translation into Italian. She was seen tearing up during the proposal according to Keith Mann. The four judges stood up and cheered for the couple, showing their support.

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