Eighth Grader Works with Microsoft to Design Braigo Braille Printer

An eighth grader from Santa Clara, California named Subham Banerjee is working with Microsoft to develop a Braille printer that can be used by the visually impaired to print documents. The printer works by creating a beveled imprint in the paper to create Braille characters.

The new printer is being called the Braigo according to Keith Mann. It is completely portable and will integrate into Microsoft’s Windows Operating System. Microsoft plans to corner the market on Braille printing with the new device.

Microsoft is planning to launch their new Braigo printer in November of this year. They are partnering with Banerjee to help develop and deploy the new printing technology. Microsoft is excited to be able to work on a project that not only increases their profits but also helps disabled people be more productive.

The blind have a difficult time in a typical office environment. Documents printed in Braille will provide the additional accessibility that will allow the visually impaired to be more productive and lead more satisfying lives.

All around the Braigo project is a big win for everyone involved. It’s nice to see that the technology industry continues to evolve new ways to help people.

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