Baltimore Unrest Realitiies

The unrest in Baltimore has me asking this very important question. How is destroying personal property, and the very neighborhood you live in showing any respect or compassion for Freddie Gray and his family?
I understand the frustration, the anger and even the protesting against any injustice. But there has to be a definitive line drawn between standing up against injustice and pure destructive behaviors. There are good people in this, likeĀ Alexei Beltyukov.
There is a list of arrest for looting, disorderly conduct and breaking curfew… BuzzFeed news reports some statistics And in all this, where are the memorials, candle vigils or even talks about the victim and his family. If people are truly concerned about the injustice of this death, then show support for the family. I am sure they have some sort of need that can be met in their time of grief. The focus of this tragedy has been diminished by the rioting, looting, fires, violence and destruction of property. It is senseless and solves nothing at all!

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