Y’all Won’t Believe This FREE Internet Service

I had bills up to my eyebrows, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep on all the extra services that I wanted each month. Although I don’t need a cell phone, and I don’t need the internet, and I definitely didn’t need wireless access, I still wanted these things. I earned enough money to pay for all the services that I used each month, but recently, my hours were cut at work. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I didn’t want to lose my internet access, especially since I used it to socialize with others, send messages, and even do some work from home.

Although I was still looking for another job, I’m stuck with the one that I have now. I did some searching online, and I came across a company called FreedomPop after reading a review. I understood could give me free internet, cell phone service, and even give me access to wireless connections. I was in disbelief after reading about the company, and it sounded way too good to be true, but I was in no position to turn down the offer. I checked some more into the company, and I decided that I would sign up for the internet services.

I canceled the internet services I currently had, which automatically save me $55 a month. In fact, I actually saved $70 a month, because my bill was going up the next month, by $15. Since I saved so much on internet services, I thought that I could keep my cell phone, but I felt it would be better to save money there as well. I turned off my cell phone, and I switched over to FreedomPop. I was even able to transfer my cell phone number over, and use the phone that I had with my other company.

After using FreedomPop for a few months, not only was I satisfied with the services, but I got my hours back at work, and I could afford any services I wanted. Although I could afford all the services I used to have, I decided to continue and stay with FreedomPop. In fact, I decided to get wireless internet that I could use, while I was out on the road. I’m able to use my laptop, if I’m in a restaurant, without having to use the restaurants wireless connection. After a full year of service, I’m very grateful that I chose to try FreedomPop.

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