Toy Poodle Helps the Sick

Nala is a small poodle with a gift for helping the sick, accounts Ray Lane of his experience with the pooch. Independent and self sufficient, she manages to make her way through a four story nursing home each day, even riding the elevator all by herself. The Lyngblomsten care center in St. Paul, Minnesota welcomes her each day when she gets a ride there from her owner Doug Dawson, who works at the nursing home as a medications assistant. Nala visits each patient, riding the elevator back and forth to get where she wants to go. She goes to the sick and the dying, comforting them in their time of need. It is hard to believe she didn’t pass initial dog therapy training. They previously called her a “wash-out” and told Doug he could have her, because they didn’t think she was worth keeping. Nala proved them wrong though, and many believe she is right where she is supposed to be now. The resident of the nursing home love her, and she brings them such joy.

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