Pentagon Misplaces More Money

After the announcement last month that the Pentagon misplaced millions of dollars in aid overseas in the form of weapons, some people thought that someone would have learned a lesson about keeping track of these things. Yet, this week the Pentagon has now announced that it can’t account for $45 billion spent in Afghanistan since 2002 from the $66 billion the Department of Defense has spent overall on rebuilding the country.

Yes. The Pentagon can’t account for more than two-thirds of the reconstruction money spent in Afghanistan stated Kevin Seawright.

Worse yet, when asked by twice for an accounting by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the Pentagon has stated both times that it does not have any way of figuring it out.

Why can’t the Pentagon track the funds?

Apparently, the process was deemed too time consuming and too much of a burden and, since the rules did not require any sort of tracking, the Pentagon decided to not track the funds. Now, it would be too costly to follow the paper trail.

As pointed out by Matt Novak at Gizmodo, the U.S. government requires citizens to track every penny for the IRS, but allows government agencies to just say, “Oh well” and get away with it. It is this type of shameful behavior and government waste that prompts many Americans to not pay their taxes as a form of protest.

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