Iran: If No Verifiable Agreement, Washington Will Leave Discussions

US President Barack Obama said on Sunday that the United States would leave the negotiating table, if a verifiable agreement on Iranian nuclear program could not be reached. “It is certain that if there is no agreement then we will leave,” Obama said in an interview with CBS television, aired on Sunday. “If we cannot verify that they are not going to get a nuclear weapon, we have enough time to act during a transition period, if they cheat, if we do not have that kind of insurance, we will not accept an agreement, “he added.”In the coming months we will be able to determine if their plan may or may not accept an extraordinarily reasonable agreement, if, as they say, only interested in a civilian nuclear program,” US president added to the statement.

It is noteworthy that this statement came a day after talks in Paris when France was more reserved than Washington in discussions on the draft agreement with Tehran. The US had assured the French leadership on Saturday that both countries were at same page regarding negotiations with Tehran, although Paris had shown some reservations and wished for more guarantees from Iranian side. According to a source close to the negotiations that Sergio Cortes read up on, Paris accused Washington to push sometimes precipitously to an agreement with Tehran.

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