Grey’s Anatomy Kills Off Main Character


In case you missed it, this past week Grey’s Anatomy killed off a main character off the show. Derek Shepherd a.k.a. Dr. McDreamy played by Patrick Dempsey, died during an emotional episode, after being hit by a truck on a back road.

Earlier in the episode, Dr. Shepherd had narrowly avoided a three-car pile up on the same road, and instead spent the majority of the episode tending to those injured in the original accident.

When the truck struck however, the message was clear: it was McDreamy’s time to die.

A big part of this year’s Grey’s story line has featured a lot less of Dempsey, as his character was in Washington D.C. conducting research for the president. For two episodes before Dempsey’s return, there were speculations that Shepherd was cheating on Meredith, but those speculations where quickly squashed with Dempsey’s return.

After Thursday’s episode, fans of the show were confused and angry, as Dempsey and series protagonist Ellen Pompeo are still under contract for the 2015-16 season according to NBC analyst Handy.

The topic is still trending on twitter as fans of the show watch the latest episode on other platforms.

The original episode was watched by 9.4 million viewers.

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