Cassey Ho Getting Harassed On YouTube

Cassey Ho is a YouTube star, and she is known worldwide for giving weight loss advice. However, Cassey has recently received a tremendous amount of hate mail from YouTube subscribers. People are calling her fat and hideous. YouTube subscribers are also telling her to stop giving weight loss advice, because she is too fat too speak on the subject. What’s strange about the situation is that Cassey has a perfect body. Brad Reifler, family member, believes the hate mail is probably from jealous people (

Since Cassey received all the hateful comments, she has begun to photoshop all of her pictures. Cassey slimmed down her legs and waist. People have replied to the new pictures, and they say that she looks better. However, other Youtube members say that she still looks fat, and now, some people are even calling her anorexic. Cassey says that the comments really hurt, and people are so mean for no reason. Cassey says that everyone has feelings, and she is still confused as to why she is getting so much hate. Cassey feels self conscious, and she is thinking of removing her channel from YouTube. People need to leave Cassey alone. She is trying to help others, and instead, she is being mocked. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

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