Want To Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease? Eat Your Vegetables!

You might not like it, but the proof is in. A recent large scale study preformed in Europe has confirmed what mothers around the world have been telling their children for centuries. Eating more vegetables will in fact reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke (It’s what Daniel Amen of Amen Clinic has been saying for years).

The study chronicled the eating habits of nearly half a million people between the ages of 35 to 70. They reported on their diets for twelve years.

When the results were tallied those found to have eaten a more vegetarian diet, with over seventy percent of their food coming from plant sources, were found to have a twenty percent lower chance of death from cardiovascular disease than those who ate more meat.

One item of the study that stood out is how much benefit can be received from making small changes in diet. This study proves that one does not have to follow a strict vegetarian diet to see the health benefits. By simply adding a few meals without meat to a weekly meal plan one can realize big improvements in their health.

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